Bandon Oregon – Things to Do

Welcome to Bandon, Oregon. Enjoy year-round fishing, cycling, golf, hiking and beach going.

Below are suggestions for spending time while in our paradise by the sea!

Face Rock State Scenic Viewpoint

here is an American Indian legend about this spot. Some say they hear a maiden’s voice on the wind, and standing on the cliff overlooking the ocean you can easily pick out the face on Face Rock. There is a well-kept trail to the beach, and several rocky intertidal areas to explore at low tide.

Bullards Beach State Park

The historic Coquille River Lighthouse is located at the end of Bullards Beach Road. It’s staffed from mid-May through the September with volunteers who interpret the history of the area. From this point, there are 4.5 miles of beach to explore. Bring your mountain bike to ride the hard-packed sand along the edge of the surf, or just enjoy a stroll along the ocean shore.

And there’s more nearby. Across the river is Bandon by the Sea. Visit a variety of shops, galleries, and restaurants in the town that is called “The Cranberry Capitol of the World,” as well as the “The Storm Watching Capitol of the World.”

Washed Ashore
We Create Art to Save the Sea!!

Washed Ashore builds and exhibits aesthetically powerful art to educate a global audience about plastic pollution in the ocean and waterways and spark positive changes in consumer habits.

West Coast Game Park Safari

The West Coast Game Park Safari is proud of their ability to allow visitors a “hands on” experience with exotic and unusual animals. When visitors first enter the park gates, they will be immersed amongst hundreds of free-roaming animals for feeding and petting. They also have the freedom to walk the park to view and photograph the larger, more exotic animals up close. Visitors most often come away with long-lasting memories of their experiences in our presentation areas. Almost all of the park’s animals have been hand-raised by Game Park staff and have grown up being handled by the public while they are young.

Game Park Staff believe it’s important for all of these animals to assist in educating visitors about the issues surrounding conservation and extinction. We consider these animals ambassadors for their species to you and your family, and hope that you find the interactive experience with our “family” as meaningful as we do.

Circles in the Sand

Circles in the Sand was created in 2011 by labyrinth artist Denny Dyke. In the early years it was not uncommon to see mentions of “crop circles” or “alien art” after his work was found on the sand. His first intention was to create labyrinths so that everyone could enjoy a walk on the sand.

Bandon State Park

Notes from a visitor: “Bandon State Park was a very peaceful place to spend a morning. The sea stacks of Devil’s Kitchen were especially interesting from a photographic perspective, and I found myself truly enjoying wandering along the beach with my camera. If you are in the area, Bandon Beach State Park is definitely worth a visit.”

Bandon Dunes Golf Resort

At Bandon Dunes Golf Resort, you’ll find five distinctly different courses built on a beautiful stretch of sand dunes perched 100 feet above the Pacific Ocean. Bandon Dunes and Pacific Dunes feature a dozen holes that run along the bluff overlooking 2.3 miles of sweeping, undisturbed shoreline. Bandon Trails begins on a massive dune, works its way through open meadows and upland forest, and then finishes in the dunes. Old Macdonald moves through dune to ocean revealing breathtaking views throughout. The courses here weren’t built as much as discovered. Among the coastal forest, dunes and gorse, lie golf holes that yield fresh rewards each time they’re played.

Weather Watching in Bandon

Throughout the winter, Oregon’s rocky shores and haystack rocks feel the effects of storms that originate far to the north in cold polar waters. As these storms slam ashore, sometimes with winds topping 100 mph, their huge waves smash against the rocks with breathtaking force, sending spray flying.

The perfect storm-watching days come right after a big storm, when the waves are still big but the sky is clear. This is also the best time to go beachcombing — it’s your best chance to find the rare handblown Japanese glass fishing floats that sometimes wash ashore on the Oregon coast.

Fun Facts

What is Bandon known for? Bandon, one of the southern Oregon Coast’s many popular destinations, is located where the winding Coquille River empties into the Pacific Ocean. The small, charming city is known for its historic lighthouse and the highly-acclaimed golf courses at the Bandon Dunes Golf Resort. Some have called it the “Storm-Watching Capital of the World”!